The White Kermode Bear

Sawmill Valley students are learning about the White Kermode Bear in British Columbia, Canada. They are concerned that through clear cutting by loggers, the natural habitat of this bear will be destroyed. Although we live thousands of kilometers from the islands where these bears live, they are part of our environment. We hope that our concern will inspire you to join us in our letter writing campaign.

Did you know:

The spirit bear is a rare white subspecies of the black bear family.
One out of every 10 black bears has white fur.
Spirit Bears are not albino bears.
Spirit Bears live only in the north-western temperate rain forest of coastal British Columbia.
The Spirit Bear habitat includes large groves of sitka spruce trees that are more than 800 years old.
The center of Spirit Bear wilderness lies on Princess Royal Island.
There is a concern that the rain forest habitat of the Spirit bear is being threatened by logging.
People who care about the environment want a large natural reserve set aside of up to 150 islands.

Student Sentiments about the Spirit Bear:

Dear Fellow Canadians...

Don't cut down trees in our forest because we won't have much oxygen. We climb trees to protect ourselves when enemies chase us. My friends, the black grey wolves eat animals from the trees such as squirrels. If there isn't enough food they could die. If you destroy our forest, we can't go anywhere because our forests are on islands. We could swim a little, but not our friends the black grey wolves or the squirrels. If you cut down every tree in our forest, our friends the bald eagles won't have any trees to build their nests in and if they had already laid their eggs in the nests, the eggs would be broken. If you cut down the trees, the roots won't hold the soil. SO DON'T CUT DOWN TREES!

from Spirit Bear (with a little help from Marco, Grade 3)

Save The Temperate Rain Forest Animals!!!

As you might know the Princess Royal Island is being clear cut to make furniture, paper, etc... Not only will we lose our rain forests, but we will also lose many animals. Wolves, owls, bald headed eagles, and foxes may all die. If you want to help, get your school to draw pictures of the rain forest and write letters to the British Columbia government. Ramanan (Grade 5)

The Legend of the Spirit Bear

In the beginning, the world was white and covered in ice. Then the raven came and made the world green. He wanted something to remind him when the world was white, so he made every tenth black bear white: "The Spirit Bear." The raven promised to keep the Spirit Bears living in peace. What might happen to Spirit Bears if lumber companies keep cutting trees on Princess Royal Island? Christina (Grade 5)

Fishing Skills

Did you know that Spirit Bears are a lot like humans? Well, in a few ways at least. One way is they observe others. The young bears watch and learn how to fish from the older bears. Most of the time they fish when the fish are jumping over rocks. Sometimes other bears will come along and steal another bear's dinner. The Spirit Bear is able to fish thanks to its big claws and paws and sharp eyes. Danielle (Grade 5)

Beliefs about Spirit Bear

I believe that the Spirit Bear senses the existence of wildlife among the Sitka Spruce Christina (Grade 6)

I believe that the Spirit Bear senses the Mother Earth surrounding him. Amanda (Grade 6)

I believe the Spirit Bear senses the quiet, untouched rainforest. Stacey (Grade 6)

I believe the Spirit Bear senses an untouched habitat safe for hibernation Elizabeth (Grade 6)

I believe the Spirit Bear senses that nature is life itself. Matthew (Grade 6)

I believe that the Spirit Bear senses that no one is there so therefore it is safe. Neale (Grade 6)

Erindale Secondary School students have their say:

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