Freespace’s systems are changing! In order to bring better and expanded services to you, Freespace is happy to announce that we are partnering with Burlington Network Services to bring an increased range of Internet access packages.
Burlington Network Service has been selected because of similarities in services, business operation, dedicated Guelph modem bank, servers and their expanded Internet services.
These new services include:
  • All dial-up accounts can roam throughout Southern Ontario (Toronto to London).
  • Cross Canada roaming accounts which dial up with a local phone number.
  • High speed (DSL) access packages.
  • Optional US roaming accounts.
  • 7 day per week technical support via a toll free number (1800-263-8433).
We will be contacting you within the next few weeks to assist you with making the change to the new dial-up system. If you are comfortable making the required changes yourself, you can find information at our Technical Support area on how to proceed. When your logon ID is activated at BNS you will be contacted. Accounts will need to have the settings changed by Nov. 30.
The change in the dial-up service will require changes in the billing procedures, and information on the new billing procedures will be mailed and posted online. Freespace will continue to offer our other services, and your email addresses and webpages will remain the same as before.
There will be a slight price increase in package prices with an increase in package hours. BNS package base prices are very close to the Freespace rates you are used to, BUT BNS prices do not include G.S.T. Please click here to review the BNS "Legacy" accounts; Advantage, Premium and performance, and you will find they correspond to the $10.00, $18.50, and $25.00 packages you have been using, with more hours per month.
For more information, please call Burlington Network Services at 1-800-263-8433 or the Freespace office at 763-9319. You can email your questions to us at support@bserv.com. You can also attend one of our Wednesday evening drop-in sessions at 7-9 p.m. in the 296 Woolwich Street office, where you can speak to Freespace staff and volunteers, and starting Nov. 6th meet some of the Burlington Network Services staff.
Welcome to BNS!